Note on New Contests supported in JL 1.0

This is one of those things I hate to say, but feel that I have to say. Until JL 1.0, I never released a contest that hadn't been battle-tested in my own operation, and then refined based on my experience. Version 1.0 has support for several contests that has not been tested in actual use. These are JIDX, All Asia, Oceania DX, Worked All Germany (WAG), LZ-DX, OK-OL, SAC, and (most important) Worked All Europe (WAE).

For the most part, this doesn't worry me. I've operated in all of the European contests, and in many cases, used one of JL's generic modes successfully. And in the case of the Asian contests, I know how to read the rules, and make a logger that looks like it does the right thing.

But I am concerned about WAE, primarily because of QTC, which is a big, complex new feature. I'm doubly concerned because it looks like work travel is going to prevent me from operating WAE this year. So use it at your own risk. But if you decide to live dangerously, I would really appreciate feedback: what works, what doesn't? I think getting the QTC Sender by typing "q" in the Input field is a little awful, but then again, one of the guiding principles of my original user interface was to minimize mousing around. So from that standpoint, maybe "q" is better than having a QTC button to click. And there may other features that are necessary or missing.

Thanks, I hope you enjoy using JL!

Mike, W1JQ