CCARC - Site History

June 1, 2Ø15 - Glenn WS0B took over as the Public Information Officer.

August 11, 2ØØ5 - Mike K8QA took over as the Public Information Officer.

August 8, 2ØØ5 - Frosty WØFP took over as the Trustee of WØTE.

August 8, 2ØØ5 - Frosty WØFP took over as the Webmaster.

Febuary 24, 2ØØ5 - added favicon.ico to site. This graphic shows up in Bookmark

January 3, 2ØØ5 - Chg club application fm html to fillable pdf.

June 9, 2ØØ4 - change Sec/Treas to Todd, KBØNQL.

May 5, 2ØØ4 - updated Field Day information and site layout

April 14, 2ØØ4 - added counter

April 13, 2ØØ4 - Bob NØUF took over as the Webmaster. Changed the site layout and moved it toØte

June Ø9, 2ØØ3 - Added field day data, I have been less than participatory in the club recently due to time spent at work and a lack of a radio. Time spent at work will get worse and not better in the near future but hopefully the lack of a radio will change soon. (My birthday is coming up.)

February 25, 2ØØ3 - Added March meeting information to the CCARC Home Page

January 5, 2ØØ3 - Getting back to business after the holidays, I have added several of Larry Staples recent emails to the Amateur Newsletter Area I'd like to find a way to automate this process. If any of you has an idea let me know. Updated the CCARC Home page to reflect a March meeting but dont have specifics on it yet. I would like to consider merging the Amateur Section of TechKC with the CCARC site. The marriage of the two would make the CCARC site more appealing to the new amateur and more informative about non club specific things and would minimize my maintenance.

December 5, 2ØØ2 - Minor updates to some email addresses and phone numbers.

November 4, 2ØØ2 - Just goes to show I'm a still a little green when it comes to understanding some of this. I had mistakenly confused the the club call with the repeater call and got things all messed up. A few emails and a little editing and I think its correct now. Sorry for any confusion.

November 3, 2ØØ2 - Changed club call in all locations I found on the site. Added ARRL special services club logo. Update next meeting page

November 1, 2ØØ2 - Documentation re-initiated

October 15, 2ØØ1 - Documentation of changes temporarily discontinued.

October 1Ø, 2ØØ1 - Technical problems beginning just after the last edit and are still continuing, combined with increased demands on my time from my real job. have made it very difficult to do much updating over the past month. I am in full belief that most of the technical issues have been resolved. Thus updates to the board will resume.

September 16, 2ØØ1 - Sent an email to Larry Staples - WØAIB requesting we be allowed to add the contents of his list to the website, and that I be added to his mailing list so I can keep the list on the site up to date. He graciously accommodated both requests very quickly. Created this page and set up the link from the main CCARC page.

September 15, 2ØØ1 - Got more email from Bob, Added a link under events to the MO-KAN Club Calendar. Added the Trusty to the officers list. Changed the forward address for email received to [email protected] to Bobs personal address per request from Bob. Took the recorded nets offline until I can find a way to keep them understandable and small enough to download over dialup in a reasonable amount of time.

September 13, 2ØØ1 - Converted the clubs application from a word doc to a PDF file and put it online. added a link to allow those who don't have the PDF reader to download it.

September 12, 2ØØ1 - Removed the quote for the day section and put in a message for the families and victims of the terrorist attacks.

September 11, 2ØØ1 - Changed the unofficial tag on the home page to official. Since officers were elected at the September 1Øth meeting I also began revising the officers page and the home page to show the changes.

September 1Ø, 2ØØ1 - After inspection by Greg and Bob they presented the website to the club and on their recommendation the club voted to make their official website.

September 6, 2ØØ1 - After 3 weeks of work getting this ready made Bob - NØXKS aware of its existence today. Until now no one but myself and Janna and John knew about it.

September 5, 2ØØ1 - Got some much needed info from Bob today. The site really needed it. Once included I want Greg and Bob to have a chance to view the site and decide if it looks to be something the club would benefit from.