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The best way to use this page is to choose the type of information you would like to search for, and then go to the form that best handles that type of information. For callsign searches, the "FCC Search" is the best one to use if you want the latest information. Searches provided by vendor sites are generally a little quicker, because not as many people are searching them. Information on Vanity program activity is best gotten from sites specializing in the gathering this type of information. This will save you a great deal of time, since you won't have to wade through the entire FCC database to find what you are looking for. And, if you are interested in recent licensing activity, databases specializing in the the latest transactions will help speed you to the information you need.

Remember, even the FCC database may not be totally current when you search it. Computer problems and processing delays may mean that the latest information will not get posted for a day or two. But, on the whole, this information is up-to-date, and it will help you get the most from the hobby.

We would like to thank each of the organizations and individuals whose search engines or databases are accessed here. Their tireless work and efforts have helped make Amateur Radio more enjoyable for us all.

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Sponsored by: University of Arkansas at Little Rock Amateur Radio Club

The University of Arkansas at Little Rock's callsign database is updated daily and is derived from FCC license data found at: ftp://ftp.fcc.gov/pub/Bureaus/Wireless/Databases/uls/. Please note that the University CANNOT update your information. They can ONLY mirror the information from the FCC. If you see an error in your entry please contact the FCC to correct it.

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