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Personal Interests

Personal Interests

Ham Radio
I have been a Ham Radio operator for 18 years. My first call sign was KA0OXK, followed by AA0CP, now W0PT. 2 meter moon bounce or EME is my passion. I have worked 180 initials on 2 meter EME with 31 states, 33 countries and 135 grids confirmed. My most recent contacts have been with PA3CWI, NJ0M, SM2CKR, EA1YV, IW5DAN, UA4AQL, VE1ZJ and WB4JEM.

My 2 meter EME station consist of a Icom 820H all mode. Outboard audio filter consist of a Timewave DSP 59+, FFTDSP software de AF9Y, Skymoon and CWKEY5 software de W5UN. The antennas are 4 modified Cushcraft 3219 boomers. 4 X 4.05 wl as per VE7BQH design. Phasing lines are LMR-400 cable. Transmit feedline is 100 feet of Andrew 1 5/8. Receive feedline consist of 100 feet of 1/2 inch andrew. Preamp is a ARR with 23db gain and 0.52nf. Running an 8877 at 1.2kw. I hope to be QRV on 432 Mhz EME for the second half of the 1999 International EME Contest. (My 432mhz station will consist of 4X KLM 432 16lb antennas and approximately 450 watts)

I am available daily from 0000utc to 1200utc for 2 meter EME skeds. Email your proposals to [email protected]

Need more information on EME? See the W5UN 2M EME Primer W7GJ 144 EME Tips VE7BQH 144mhz long yagi

N1BUG Web Site


SSTV is another mode I enjoy. As often as possible we conduct a SSTV net on our 2m repeater in Mound City. Below are some recent pictures received from that net, and the 20 meter band.

Join us for the SSTV net every Sunday night at 8:00pm on the 147.285 repeater in Mound City, Kansas....



I have always enjoyed watching the night skys and just last fall obtained my first telescope, an Orion 6" DOB..I have spent many hours this summer viewing the craters on the moon, planets, and countless other objects. Quite frequently, Andy Lowe, K0IY and I spend evenings watching for and counting satellites as they pass overhead after sunset. We share this information via Ham Radio.

Astronomy Links

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ASKC Asteroid & Supernova Patrol


Fishing with NU0O and

A nice quiet boat ride on Hillsdale lake after dark.......right Mike?


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