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IN MEMORY OF 9/11/2001

After the murders of thousands of innocent Americans on our own soil by the barbaric actions of September 11, 2001, I hung an American flag from my tower at approximately 45 feet. It is lighted and is visible 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

This flag is there in support of the thousands of victims, their families, and others who have been so drastically harmed by one of the most barbaric actions in the history of our world. This is also intended as a tribute to the men and women of our armed forces, those of the world coalitian allied with us, and all those individuals who are actively involved in supporting them, as they risk their lives to take the necessary actions to stop this barbaric and inhumane movement we call terrorism.

I encourage all amateurs who may have space available on their towers to consider doing something similar to this in order to support our troops.

God Bless America!

WOSK - October 14, 2001

Ron's Antennas-FlagBack2e

Ron's Antennas-FlagFront2e

Ron's Antennas


Mosley PRO-67B beam(40 thru 10) on 48 ft tower
Tailtwister T2X cranks it
Old TriEx tower supports it

2 element 75 meter vertical phased array
2 Hygain HyTower verticals as a 2 element phased array on 75
1/4 wave spaced, 1/4 phased, switchable - NE/SW
(it's a kick to work long path to Europe on 75)
One vertical is switchable into a standalone single vertical configuration
(array also works on 40 - sometimes beats the 2 elements on the PRO-67B!)

Inverted L on 160 - uses the standalone HyTower

40/75 meter inverted vee hangs off the tower at 40 feet

2 meter Ringo Ranger on top of tower

Various other VHF/UHF antennas mounted on the house which cannot be seen on the picture

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