Welcome to the WØKTX home page. I recently had a problem with my previous web hosting company, so here I am, back on the awesome QSL.net domain. Problem is, I used to use a program called Trellix which made web page creation really easy. Unfortunately, Trellix only works with Tripod.com web hosting. When tripod was acquired by Lycos, they stopped supporting Trellix, so here I am, forced to learn and create my own html. How's it look?


If you're a Beargrease/BARC volunteer looking for information, please click here.


My Favorite Ham Quote:

"The wireless telegraph is not difficult to understand.

The ordinary telegraph is like a very long cat.

You pull the tail in New York, and it meows in Los Angeles.

The wireless is the same, only without the cat."


Have you been a ham radio operator too long? If any of the items on this page sound familiar, chances are you've been at it way too long! Check it out!


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Volunteering - This is what I use my radio license for. To volunteer and serve my community.

John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon - This is how it all started. Check out my current Beargrease page.

Links Page - Ham radio links and more!