Hello, and welcome to my website! Here you will find links to, and information about, almost every area of ham radio that has some sort of appeal to me. QRP, QRO, homebrewing, paper chasing, and many more topics.

One of my favorite things about ham radio is building stuff. You'll find information on that in the homebrew section. I also enjoy the digital modes, such as psk-31, rtty, and sstv (although I have yet to do anything other than receive said modes). You can find links to my favorite programs for receiving these modes in the software section.

There are also several ham-related things I enjoy (ham-related in the sense that they involve radio, hi hi). Foremost of these is scanning. You can find links to frequencies I monitor in the Area Scanner Frequencies section.

Another joy of mine is OTR (old time radio). In the OTR section, you will find links to OTR resources, sites that offer OTR downloads, and other ways to aquire OTR shows. I enjoy OTR so much in fact, that I have my own AM station that broadcasts shows! You can find more info on that on the homepage of my Part 15 AM Station, JRM1610.

That's about it! There are also links to other sites, links to what life is like around here, a page about what I use in my shack, and a text version of my log.

If you'd like me to drop you a note when the site is updated (new links, schematics, etc.) Then just drop me a note and I'll put you on the list! All info kept private, no spam, yadda yadda, hi hi.

To view my first ever psk-31 qso, click here!

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