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Welcome to the Centerville Area Amateur Radio Club!

Here's some pictures of area ham radio activities to help give you an idea of what it's all about! Click the image for a larger view.

From Vernon, N0SJF: "Here's a photo of KB0EOY (Roxie) on the left, being presented the Bunny Hunt Trophy by KB0WPR (John), after winning the Bunny Hunt held in Oskaloosa in November of 2001."

From Vernon, N0SJF: "KC0FRN (Gary) left, KB0WPR (John), & N0SJF (Vernon), presenting the Bunny Hunt Trophy to KC0FGY (Bill) in the summer 0f 2001, at the Oskaloosa Fair Grounds."

From Vernon, N0SJF: "N0SJF (Vernon), with antenna & KB0WPR (John) being presented the Bunny Hunt Trophy by KB0WCV (Ronnie) with some help from his granddaughters, in Summer of 2000."

From Vernon, N0SJF: "KC0FRN (Gary) & KC0FGY (Bill) admiring the 'Trophy', prior to the hunt."

From Vernon, N0SJF: "Our set up for Field Day, the tri-band beam is over 120 feet in the air, under it is a 80 through 10 meter G5RV antenna. A packet station was set up inside of the garage, along with a HF station, and the other HF station was in the house garage. This was held at KB0EOY (Roxie) & N0RVU (Cindy)'s home QTH."

From Vernon, N0SJF: "A 40 Meter Rotatable Diapole on a 50 foot tower ready for use during Field Day."

From Vernon, N0SJF: "Some of the local 'Hams' got together to help KC0FGY (Bill) and his wife Rita celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary, at a local restaurant."

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