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Marshall County ARC

Marysville, Kansas
Grid Square EM19

President:  KKSI, Dave Crawford
Vice President:  KBAZJ, Farren Constable
Secretary/Treasurer:  ACI, Mike Stillwell
Trustee:  KBYK, Dennis Mason

Meeting Dates: 3rd Tuesday of the month @ 7:30pm
UPRR Depot
609 North 2nd ST
Marysville, KS

MCARC Bylaws

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MCARC VE Exam Info      Zone 2 Alpha ARES

Local Repeaters:
147.285+, Marysville, KS
located in Home, KS
Operated by the Marshall County Amateur Radio Club
KKSI, Trustee

147.060+, Greenleaf, KS
Operated by the Blue Valley Repeater Association
ACI, Trustee


Historical Page: 
Marshall Couny Radio Club, 1965

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Last updated on August 3, 2016

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