Field Day 1998

Field Day is an annual exercise of our emergency communications capabilities. The object is to set up amateur stations (preferably under field conditions) and make as many contacts as possible within a 24 hour period. JCRAC operated Field Day 98 at Leawood Park in Johnson County, KS.

Photos courtesy of Bob Roth, N0DOG
Field Day Site

Photo 1: A view of our Field Day site at Leawood park.

Vertical Antenna Installation

Photo 2: Terry KC0DHL does final preparation on our HF vertical antenna.

CW Operation

Photo 3: B$ and C$ are working CW (help me out here Bob!)

Monkey Wrench

Photo 4: Terry KC0DHL, Bill W0FN, and Stan KD0G are putting together a vertical antenna

Stan KD0G

Photo 5: Stan KD0G working the CW station despite the Microsoft "Blue Screen of Death" appearing on his laptop computer!

Dwayne K0LLS

Photo 6: Dwayne K0LLS appears ready to RIDE on this beam antenna, but is dissuaded by other FD participants...

Mike and Mac

Photo 7: Where would we be without our reliable AC power? Mike N0MCG and Mac W0LQV unload the AC generator. Mac has been providing AC power for our FD operations since way before KCPL got in business!

Mike Fueling (Fooling?) Generator

Photo 8: Mike N0MCG fuels up the trusty generator.


Photo 9: L-R: Stan, Bill (on ladder) and Terry put the final touches on the vertical antenna.

Stan KD0G

Photo 10: Stan KD0G here burning the midnight oil on CW!

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