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USS Kansas City (AOR-3)

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Here are images of some USS Kansas City memorabilia that I've had since I left her in 1972. I'll be placing more pictures on this page in the very near future. If anyone has pictures of any kind of memorabilia that they'd like to share, please e-mail me. I'd like to scan them and put them on this page, and will give you credit for anything used. I'm interested in anything; jacket patches, ballcaps, coffee mugs, plaques, cigarette lighters, or anything else that you might have.

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Zippo cigarette lighter with the USS Kansas City (AOR-3) logo. New in the original box from 1972.
USS Kansas City (AOR-3) plaque.   Courtesy of RADM K. J. Christoph, USN (Ret), the Kansas City's CO from commisioning in 1970 until October 1971.  Thanks Cap'n!!  Capt. Christoph said a competition was held to design the logo when the crew was headquartered in a warehouse in South Weymouth awaiting delivery of the ship prior to commissioning.  He believes that either LTJG Weyl or LTJG Decker won the design competition.
This is my Geneva Convention ID card.  Why did we even have to carry these?  I sure don't remember.

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