APPENDIX B: Computer Tape File Descriptions [FILEXDESCRIP, 9] This section briefly describes the contents of single or groups of files on the Atmospheric Handbook computer tape, as listed in APPENDIX A, tape file 0, "LISTFILE0". Tape File Number Description ------ ----------- 0: "LISTFILE0" - List of all data files on Atmospheric Handbook tape and corresponding tape file number. Each file corresponds to a singular data file. Sections of files are grouped according to atmospheric area. (NOTE: When printed as a bound document, file 0 should not be considered part of the text, and should therefore not be printed. File 0 exists solely as an aid for someone using the Atmospheric Handbook in tape format, to enable easy initial identification of the tape and its contents.) 1: "INTRO" - Introduction to the evolution, present aims, and future prospects of the Atmospheric Handbook. 2: "CONTENTS" - Table of contents of the Atmospheric Handbook. 3: "DATAXDESCRIP" - A brief description of each atmospheric area covered by the Handbook data files: definition of data file variables, ranges, and units, listing of file names, and description of data source. 4: "GUIDE" - General user notes and technical information needed to access/understand the computer tape, data files, and computer programs: Introduction to Tape Organization, Data File Structure, Deciphering File Names, Unit Notation, Significant Figures, Computer Programs: ATTENCOEF and MICRO, Data Retrieval Example, Data File Examples. 5: "FORMATS" - Technical information on each data file in tabular form: data file variable definitions, units, and ranges, FORTRAN format statements used to create the file(s), temperature, source, and computer tape file number. 6: "THANKS" - Acknowledgments. 7: "REF" - A list of all references cited in file 3. 8: "LISTFILE0" - See file 0. 9: "FILEXDESCRIP" - Brief description of files listed in file 0. 10: Attenuation Coefficients, H2O 11- 16: Standard Atmospheres 17-34: Cloud Drop Size Distributions 35-36: Solar Spectral Irradiance 37-38: Sky Spectral Radiance 39-41: Rayleigh Air Coefficients 42-144: Refractive Indices, Aerosols 145-149:Refractive Indices, Air 150-152:Refractive Indices, Ice (does not include microwave files). See also files 221-225. 153-163:Refractive Indices, Liquid H2O (does not include microwave files) 164-170:Relative Reflectance: Ice, H2O 171-187:Attenuation Coefficients, Atmospheric; Program ATTENCOEF 188-217:Select Refractive Indices for H2O and Ice, microwave; Program MICRO (Note that file 178 is used by both ATTENCOEF and MICRO and thus should be loaded with both file sets.) Additional microwave ice refractive index data located in files 222-225, were acquired after the completion of program MICRO, and thus are not available to the user through the program. 218-219:"APPENDIXC" and "APPENDIXD" - Programs ATTENCOEF and MICRO. These two files were made by appending files 171-187 and 188-217. The individual program and subroutine files should be loaded as needed to run the programs; tape files 218 and 219 should be printed as needed for casual reference or interest, as when compiling an Atmospheric Handbook reference manual. 220: "FACTS" - A list of useful atmospheric constants and conversions. 221-225:Refractive Indices, Ice (includes some data for microwave wavelengths).