CONTENTS NOTE: Tape file name (in capitals) and number are given in brackets following section names. See Appendix B for a description of these files. 1. INTRODUCTION [INTRO, 1] 2. DATA DESCRIPTIONS [DATAXDESCRIP, 3] 2.1 ATTENUATION COEFFICIENTS 2.1.1 Atmospheric Absorption and Scattering vs. Altitude 2.1.2 Attenuation and Scattering vs. Wavelength for Water 2.2 STANDARD ATMOSPHERES 2.3 CLOUD DROP SIZE DISTRIBUTIONS: Water and Ice Particles 2.4 SOLAR SPECTRAL IRRADIANCE 2.5 SKY SPECTRAL RADIANCE 2.6 RAYLEIGH COEFFICIENTS: Air 2.7 REFRACTIVE INDICES 2.7.1 Aerosols ADP (Ammonium Dihydrogen Phosphate) Synthetic Aerosol Ammonium Sulphate Barium Fluoride Cadmium Sulfide Calcite Calcium Fluoride Dust Fly Ash (No data files.) Germanium Glass Graphite Gypsum KDP (Potassium Dihydrogen Phosphate) Mascagnite Molybdenite Polystyrene Latex Quartz Salt Sapphire Silica Silicon Sodium Nitrate Zinc Sulfide 2.7.2 Air 2.7.3 Ice (includes optical, infrared, and microwave regions) 2.7.4 Liquid Water (includes optical, infrared, and microwave regions, pure water, and water from oceans, lakes, and other sources) 2.8 RELATIVE REFLECTANCE: Ice, Water 3. DATA FILE AND COMPUTER TAPE INFORMATION 3.1 GUIDE [GUIDE, 4] 3.1.1 Introduction to Tape Organization 3.1.2 Data File Structure 3.1.3 Deciphering File Names 3.1.4 Unit Notation 3.1.5 Significant Figures 3.1.6 Computer Programs: ATTENCOEF and MICRO 3.1.7 Data Retrieval Example 3.1.8 Data Table Examples 3.2 DATA FILE FORMATS [FORMATS, 5] 3.2.1 Attenuation Coefficients Atmospheric Water 3.2.2 Standard Atmospheres 3.2.3 Cloud Drop Size Distributions 3.2.4 Solar Spectral Irradiance 3.2.5 Sky Spectral Radiance 3.2.6 Rayleigh Coefficients: Air 3.2.7 Refractive Indices Aerosols Air Ice (includes microwave region) Liquid H2O (includes microwave region) 3.2.8 Relative Reflectance: Ice, H2O 4. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS [THANKS, 6] 5. REFERENCES [REF, 7] APPENDIX A: List of Files on Atmospheric Handbook Computer Tape, listed by file number [LISTFILE0, tape files 0 and 8] APPENDIX B: Computer Tape File Descriptions [FILEXDESCRIP, 9] APPENDIX C: FORTRAN Code for Program ATTENCOEF (and Related Subroutines): Atmospheric Absorption and Scattering Coefficients [APPENDIXC, 218] APPENDIX D: FORTRAN Code for Program MICRO (and Related Subroutines): Select Ice Water Refractive Indices in the Microwave Region [APPENDIXD, 219] APPENDIX E: List of Useful Atmospheric Constants and Conversions [FACTS, 220]