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Current Project:

Mystery Amplifier

amp1.jpg (60K bytes)



Next Big Project:

An 813 Amp using that brute below!

RCA 813 Tetrode

or, maybe just a little project - restore a 1938 regenerative receiver

38regenfront_small.jpg (58540 bytes)

Previous Projects

Restoration of a Lafayette HE-30 SW RX

HE30.jpg (36919 bytes)

Heathkit DX-35

dx35front_small.jpg (61117 bytes)

Boatanchor Evaluator

boateval_small.jpg (62341 bytes)

Files for Potential Projects/Restorations

A Two Tube CW Transmitter/Receiver

RS-3 Novice Radio

Home Broadcaster

PM Radios (large file)

How to Build Transformers

Lead-Acid Battery Desulphator

Tube Electronic TR Switches

Plug-In Transmitting Coils Info

Old Air Dux/Pi Dux Coil Tables

B&W Coil Tables

Slug Tuned Coil Forms Info

Centralab PEC Printed Modules Info

National RF Chokes and Dials Info

W4JKL's Collected DSB Pages

ARRL Technical Information Service

Remember, with the voltages used in this equipment, it's Safety First!!

As a kid reading "Understanding Amateur Radio" by the ARRL, I thought (and still think) this is a great reminder.