vu3srg - Sanjay
    Hello. This is Sanjay from the Oxford (or is it Cambridge?) of the East - The (ugh!) lovely city of
  PUNE (or Poona as it was formerly known).

I am an 'amateur' in the true sense of the word as I have no radio
  back-ground whatsoever. But I love to talk on the air (where one is in
  control of the volume and cut-off switch) and I like to tinker around
  with antennas and stuff. I tried a 3-el yagi for 20 mtrs - which worked
  wonderfully for a while until the local birds (and I mean the flying
  and feathered species!) decided to come into their element while
  sitting on MY elements  and changed the shape of the beam.

Elements of a yagi, I find, do not work so well when they
  droop like the ears of a cocker spaniel. So I'm now on an
  inverted 'Vee' but hope to be up soon with some new beam.

  Well, thats about all in a nut-shell.
  My handle is Sanjay, I'm married and
  have one daughter in the 6th grade. My
  morning QTH is a factory making
  Surgical lamps. I used to rally motor-
  bikes. I love to collect guns and knives
  though I'm a very non-violent type.

  This site as you can see is still under
  construction and hopefully I shall be
  able to update it with photos etc.