Capital - New Delhi

Zone - 22, VU

My Country

India, Officially Republic of India (Bharath in Indian Language) is in South Asia, a member of Commonwealth of Nations, SAARC, UNO etc., situated in the sub continent of India. India may be divided into four main regions, The Himalayas, The N- River Plains region, the Deccan Plateau and Eastern Ghats and Western Ghats mountain system. There are 25 states in India, the division of states is based on languages, that is more than 64 languages are currently using in India.

My State

My state Kerala is located in Southern peninsular of India. This state is green and blessed with rivers, backwaters, hills and all other good things in the earth, So it is referred as "God's Own Country" in many tourism brochures. This is a 100% Literacy state. Peoples know English, Hindi and Malayalam. Malayalam is the mother tongue. Generally our peoples are referred as 'Malayalee'. Hindus, Christians and Muslims are live with harmony. You can see a Integrity in this diversity. No communal riots or any evil thing.

My District

My district Alappuzha is known as "Venice of the East". It is a beautiful place with backwaters. Boats are the common transporting facility. Boats may be either machine driven or manual called Vanchi. The famous boat race "Nehru Trophy" is conducted in this district. Big boats having more than 150 boatmen are participate in this event. You can see the pictures (which I have taken from geographical journals) in my photo session


Climate in Kerala is very pleasant and maximum room temperature even in hot summer is 30 deg.C and Minimum temperature in December is 25 deg.C. There is no hard winter. The climate is classified as rainy days and summer days. The rainy days called Monsoon is starting on June and it will continue till September. Occasional rains are in even in summer days. So there is no water scarcity in this state. The state is in sea level.

Ham Activity

In India more than 15000 licensed Amateur Radio operators are working. Out of these 2000 is from my state Kerala, which is having a geographical area of 3% from the total area of India. National Institute of Amateur Radio (NIAR), Kerala Amateur Radio League (KARL), Cherthala Amateur wireless clubs (VU2AWC) are very active groups.