Information for visiting radio amateurs

The majority of ham radio activity in this subcontinent is in the South and Sri Lanka. Most of the hams are overly friendly and you might be overwhelmed by the hospitality.

If you are thinking of bringing along your VHF rig, don't forget to bring along your Amateur radio license. If the customs officers hassle you about your handy, request them to enter it in your passport for re-export.

VHF band here is 144.000 to 146.000 MHz, repeaters are in the sub-bands 145.600-800 inclusive. The repeater shift is -600 Khz and starting channel is 145.600 MHz in this part of the world. There are exceptions to the rule.. its worthwhile to scan 145.000-145.800 inclusive for local and repeater activity anywhere in India. Repeater list >>

Reciprocal licenses: Unless your stay in India is a long one (a few years) its not worth the trouble to get a reciprocal. You could get one if you personally visit the concerned department in Delhi and that too might require your presence for a couple of weeks in the capital. Sorry, we are like this only..

Applying for VU licence? Download the application form vu-apply.doc

You could operate as W2ABC/VU if you really get the itch, although this would not make the QSO's legal. Most of us don't care and you will not get hassled by the radio amateurs on the band. DON'T OPERATE THE VHF EQUIPMENT IN PUBLIC PLACES without a local license. ONLY from your hotel room or anyplace unobserved.. What to do, we are like this only..

You may (most definitely) need 220v to 110v transformers for your gizmos. Only top notch hotels have built in 110v supplies.

Most major cities have internet services, you could pop into any of the numerous "cyber cafes" and read your mail at about 1$ per hour.

On the road..

Ignore beggars! Kindly do not encourage them. There is plenty of employment in this country and most of these people are downright lazy.
Did you know that these beggar families maim or disfigure their children so that they might get better results while begging.

Its better to be prepared for cultural and behavioural differences.. read on. These are my observations to share with visitors.

Hugging and kissing as a form of greeting likely to be met with resistance and are not part of our culture. Most Indians feel very uncomfortable with this, A handshake for men or classical Namaste for women is best.

When eating at an Indians home, DO NOT put a tasting/licked spoon back in the serving dish. This is most unhygienic and taboo in most homes. If you can avoid it DO NOT eat with the left hand.


If you are staying with an Indian family you may not find toilet paper in their homes. We wash not wipe.. (thats why we do not eat with the left hand) So you may need to buy a roll after you get here.. no need to bring it all the way.

Average indian home do not have bathtubs. Shower or splash on with a mug.

Questions? Need contacts/phone numbers in other cities e-mail me.