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The beacon from VO-52 (HAMSAT)
Vasant Valley School QSO with astronaut Sunita Williams, KD5PLB onboard International Space Station [ 24 Feb 07 ]
[ Recording Via AMSAT ECHOLINK conference server]

Download [ 1.52 MB ]

Download only Nancy's [WH6PN] voice [ the call to ISS very exciting! ]


Voice and Packet heard from ISS on 145.825 MHz
This audio was recorded during a 10 degree elevation pass of ISS over New Delhi at around 13:22 UTC (18:52 IST) on 02.02.2009. My antenna was a vertical gp. I could hear Russian voice on 145.825 MHz followed by simultaneous 1200 baud packet bursts in-between voice. Was this the voice [ heard on 145.825 MHz] of ISS Flight Engineer Yury Lonchakov, RA3DT?

Click here to Download [ 3 minutes audio 1.52 MB ]


Here is the recorded file (in mp3 format) of the HAMSAT (Indian ham satellite: VUSAT) aka VO-52 beacon. I recorded it on November 17, 2005 (23:00IST/17:30 UTC) while adjusting to the Doppler Shift (on 145.865 MHz). Antenna was a 7/8 lambda collinear stacked vertical (Diamond SG 2000 Japan) and rig was FT 290R-II (Japan). CW was  totally buried in the noise. The Beacon CW message reads like:

"This is VUSAT nw with the Dutch mode UV transponder made by William Leijenar 73 de PE1RAH HI HI HI"


Listen to VO52 beacon (duration 5 minutes 54 second)

Click here to download the mp3 file (692 kb)

There are three CW "laughter" (HI), then the message repeats again.

It is said that CW (Morse Code) has an advantage of approximately 20 dB over SSB. When the band appears
to be dead, when we can barely copy phone signals, the band still remains alive with exotic sounding CWs!

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This is a 'whiteboard' illustration by me..

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Indian Transponder

 Uplink:  435.250 MHz Mode: LSB/CW
 Downlink:145.900 MHz Mode USB/CW
Bandwidth: 60 kHz
 Beacon:  145.936 MHz Unmodulated Carrier

Dutch Transponder

Uplink: 435.250 MHz Mode: SSB/CW Downlink:145.900 MHz
Bandwidth: 60 kHz
Beacon:  145.860 MHz Modulated CW (Identification in Morse Code)

The possibility of FM operation through the linear transponders on board VUSAT was announced recently by ISRO and AMSAT-India

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