The fees send as SBI Demand Draft are not acknowledged either you send by Speed Post/ Registered Post or Ordinary Mail/Hand Deliver. A proper receipt for receipt of DD has to be sent to ensure the payment received. (Name) Ajoy - (VU2JHM) - President (Callsign) VU2ARC
online renewal of licences...or atleast provide easy downloading/submission of various forms from/to wpc..
(Name) Prashant (Callsign) vu3pdz (email)
Get the WPC record call-sign online. Also renewals should be made online.
(Name) Sounak Sinha (Callsign) VU2 BTM (email)
WPC should accept the fees in the form of Indian Postal Order as
well as a DD of any nationalised bank  of India.

(Name)  Sunil.U.K  [ handle U.K ](Callsign)  vu2ukr (email)

In certain pages of my web site, the code no for SBI bank is mentioned as SBI New Delhi Main Branch (Code No. 0691). This is wrong; It should be SBI New Delhi Service Branch (Code No. 7687). So, it should be read like-....Demand Draft issued from a "State Bank of India" branch drawn in favour of the "Pay & Accounts Officer" (Headquarters), Department of Telecommunications, New Delhi-110001, is payable at SBI New Delhi Service Branch (Code No. 7687). The error is deeply regretted.
-Sandeep (VU2MUE)

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