Decentralised licensing will only promote corruption. We have enough licensed non-hams on the band. However procedure for licensing may be simplified and speeded up by a no-objection from the local home ministry/police offices for issue of ham license.

Mobile operation may be permitted with restriction of operation in sensitive areas. Hams operating mobile in these areas may be viewed as police/spies and their lives may be at stake in these areas. They may be robbed for their equipment etc. Mobile operation of HF may also be permitted within a restriction of area surrounding the station (state/district etc.), with no-operation clause for restricted/sensitive areas that should be notified from time to time.
Embargo. I suspect that the police are not permitting the issue of ham licenses in these areas. Amateur radio equipment is constantly being misused in certain areas of the country and used against the interest of the country. There may be justification to the embargo that we are not aware of. Amateurs must not be perceived as interfering in Govts policy. The above (2) reasons also apply here.

We need more spectrum and specially new bands. Digital modes should be formalised.

Lifetime licenses may be issued after an initial period. Say about two short term renewals or 10 years. Most of those who even renew once retain their interest.

Increase of legal power limit is not required. In my experience as it is there is an irresponsible use of higher power in India. If higher power were to be legalised then the hams should be required to pass an additional exam with the syllabus of effects of EMR (electro magnetic radiation) and safety precautions. Recently the Australian govt has put into effect such restrictions on radio amateurs. The hams must learn the harmful effects of high EMR in residential areas and be responsible in exposing the public to safe levels of RF.

No code licenses may be permitted to operate above 29 MHz in voice modes. Pointless to add a power limit that no one obeys. 100W is the staple for most equipment nowadays. Reduction of Code speed must be accompanied by a more difficult exam, Morse requirement in my opinion has always separated the "men from the boys".

I think the WPC (in their own wisdom) has allotted ham style prefixes to commercial stations. Separate Px for each state is interesting idea but many would not like to change their call signs. Different Px's for license grades would "encourage" upgradation and probably make them better radio amateurs.

We as radio amateurs can make demands of easing up on rules. We must realise that the rules in this country are very lax as is. Most of us (including me) would not pass the amateur radio exam in the United states or England. We must request for changes that include a certain amount of self discipline. Without this any changes made by WPC will send us closer towards chaos on the amateur bands.

73 Raj VU2ZAP
Raj, vu2zap
Bangalore, South India

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