There are a lots of Unused prefixes that could be allocated to Amateurs. My suggestion is to allocate different prefixes to different States. For Example, VU6 can be TN, VV6 can be Kerala. and Islands should get different Prefixes depending on the region.. Eg. Vypin Island - 8T6. This will help the process of decentralizing the licencing as one prefix will be handled by only one monitoring station. This could also help the DXing enthusiasts and ARSI could organize contests easily.
-(Name) Binu (Callsign) VU2NGB
In India each state/region/combination of states should be issued its own prefix.
-(Name) Salim (Callsign) VU2LID (email)
Request to operate with special call signs must be granted soon ,specially during contests like CQ WPX(Worked all prefixes) and CQWW.
-Permission to operate from Andaman and Lakshwadweep may please be granted as they very much sought after by all DX'ers worldwide.
-(Name) Ananth G.Pai (Callsign) VU2PAI (email)
Different Prefixes should be alloted  region wise, which helps decentralising and efficient managment of licencing. Monitoring station in charge shoulds be authorised to give temporary permission to change of location for demonstrations. rather than a communication with WPC in Delhi  which may take years to respond.
The DX'ers world around are looking for Andaman / laccadives, the ministry should give permission for at least the DX-Pedition teams to carry out their activity for a limited period atleast.

(Name)  Sunil.U.K  [ handle U.K ](Callsign)  vu2ukr(email)

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