It seems frivolous to increase power on the bands when the increase has already been permitted by default. The power level of 150W DC INPUT means an effective output of about 75w. But all radios imported are 240W DC INPUT!! Also many hams use amplifiers without sanction & claim huge antenna arrays for the big signal!! HAMS need to learn to be more honest.
(Name) NATARAJ.V. (Callsign) VU2NTA (email)
There can be situations where more power than what is already authorized by the rules is desirable (like during emergency communications etc.). Due to advances in technology and operating the general trend is to use less power to achieve the same thing. Even EME is possible now a days with 5W (yes that is five watts !), with relatively simple antenna systems.
(Name) Salim (Callsign) VU2LID (email)

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