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In India, the "General Emergency Medical Net" (GEM Net) is organised by hams from South India everyday at 2200 hours IST on 7070 KHz. The other Indian net which deals in emergency medical traffic is the "National Emergency Traffic Net" (NET Net) which is organized everyday from 1900 hours onwards till 1930 hours on 14150 KHz (20m ham band). A "Net Controller" handles the band for about half an hour where priority is given to any kind of emergency medical traffic. If no medical traffic is received from any hams, then the net controller gives call to other ham radio stations according to the postal zone sequence. Any ham who wants to have a contact with another ham can contact the net controller and inform him accordingly so that the net controller can give a call directed to that particular ham radio station. If the station responds, then a different frequency is assigned for the two ham radio stations to make contact and the net controller continues with other stations.The South East Asia Net (SEA Net) is organised each day at 1200 hours UTC (Universal Coordinated Time) on 14320 KHz.

The main objectives of an on-the-air ham radio net are :
-To receive and relay emergency medical traffic to the other hams around the world so that they can provide help    to the members of s public.

-To facilitate and help establishing contact between two (or more) ham radio operators.  Informing the Net Controller (who conducts the net at a scheduled time and frequency) is the easiest way to find out a particular ham radio station out of hundreds of ham radio stations and frequencies! It is a good habit to listen to the net and also help the Net Controller in case any relay is necessary. However, hams employing computer to computer communication through their wireless equipment can still receive E-mail messages delivered through dedicated wireless servers.

-To examine the radio wave propagation condition within and outside the country.