Import Restrictions should be eased. I don't say that it is very difficult now, but they can liberalise like other electronic goods and encourage foreign brands to market/sell their equipment in India at subsidised rates so that ham enthusiasts can make their use and get a taste of various technologies.
(Name) Narasimha Murthy (Callsign) vu3hcl (email)
I do agree with most of the suggestions given by you but we people are not trying for the betterment of the condition of the equipments since even if a person gets a license there are lots of hurdles in getting the equipment we all shall agree that the number of equipment in India both HF , VHF and miscellaneous others is abysmally low compared to that of other countries we should try to soften the import policies of the GOI . some of the suggestions about the equipments are-
1. The equipments should be allowed to import duty free
2. The equipments should be allowed to import in the form of baggage by any license holder.
3. a lots of older equipments of all kinds are treated as junk in japan/usa/europe and are available at quite a cheap price. GOI should allow to import the junk so that the equipment position can be smoothened in India. (Name) ulhas kanade (Callsign) VU2LLA (email)
Importing radio equipments have/and will be a nightmare for all radio hams. Why such a big fuss when we gladly offer our assistance in the event of a national emergency? I could have understood their logic if we had indegenous radio equipment manufacturers back home, like for cars.
Sasi 9V1SM / VU3SNM Reef Ecology Laboratory Department of Biological Sciences National University of Singapore 10 Kent Ridge Crescent SINGAPORE-119 260
Allow free import of amateur radio equipment and simplify formalities to enable easy imports of such equipment. (Name) Srikanth Bhat (Callsign) VU2SBJ (email)
Import of readymade equipment need not be encouraged. Rather components should be allowed to be imported freely. This will encourage motivation for the right people.
(Name) Atanu Dasgupta (Callsign) vu2atn (email)
Revision on IMPORT POLICY: The current import policy is flawed, in that the elapsed time between applying for a duty concession and the receipt of the import license is indeterminate. More often the import license is not given in time for the travel of the HAM Operator, leading to an exorbitant duty levy by the Customs authorities. It would be good if the current policy were modified to allow a HAM Operator to get a duty concession on production of his/her valid operator's license along with the radio equipment at the entry port. 73 de VU2DUF
(Name) Manoharan Kandasamy (Callsign) VU2DUF (also N3VYU) (email)
First three suggestions for ARSI to lobby/represent at finance ministry:
1.Hasselfree import of ham equipments...if possible 0% import duty
2.Why this C.V.D.?CVD is in lieu excise duty when there is no indigeneous manufacture of ham radios what for this CVD is levied? 3.Allow import of used rigs..
(Name) Prashant (Callsign) vu3pdz (email)


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