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I am a HAM RADIO operator from India.

My main areas of interest as far as HAM RADIO operation is concerned are: HomeBrewing, QRP operation and Antennas.

I hope to develop this site further soon ! (How soon ? !!)

QRP/Amateur Radio Related Stuff from VU Land !

Some Of My Amateur Radio Stuff ...

General QRP/Amateur Radio Links

Homebrewing Resources ...

My home station is located near the southern tip of India at Trivandrum (or Thiruvanamthapuram). The exact location of my station is:

Trivandrum is the capital of my home state Kerala located near the southern tip of INDIA !

Try to connect to my Debian GNU/Linux PC at home !

When the link is Up ! or

As we usually say: "See You Later, Thanks For The Visit. 72 and 73 !!"

Email me: click to get address

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