Hello! Thank you for visiting my webpage. This page is very basic at the moment but is always under construction. Right now, this page features a log of about 95% of my HF contacts. This will soon be expanded to 100% in the near future. Also, there is a link to another page of mine which is not amateur radio related but does have some nice pictures if you're interested. In the mean time, keep checking this page for updates.

--Mark VO1ONE

UPDATE: All HF contacts are now here through the update date at the bottom of this page EXCEPT for 1 day before 11-Mar-02 which I can't locate right now. Contacts on 02-May-02 were made from the Port-Aux-Basques ferry terminal parking lot. The logbook has been moved to its own page due to the size. Someday I'll split it up by months or something. A new SSTV picture page has been added but not a whole lot of pictures yet.

All my operations in Amateur Radio on HF are using a mobile setup. My station consists of an Icom IC-706 original all-mode HF + 6 & 2 metre mobile rig which transmits 100 watts (20 on AM), an Icom AT-180 antenna tuner and an Outbacker Stealth Plus antenna. This antenna works on all bands from 75 metres through 2 metres using a banana plug jumper to change bands. It's about 4 feet tall, with a 4 inch stinger and is approximately 1 inch in diameter. I drive to many locations for mobile stationary operations, including Signal Hill in St. John's, NF, the location of Marconi's first wireless transatlantic communication. Other locations are from various parking lots including College of the North Atlantic (CONA) Ridge Rd., Memorial University of Newfoundland Paton College and friend's driveways.




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Updated 2100Z 18-Oct-2002 in Notepad! (I know, it was about time!)