VK6DC Information Page

On this page these are links for Information on both radio and general websites.

 W.I.A. VK6 Division
 Western Australian Paranormal Website
 Robyn's VK6XRE web site
 Brian Bush informative site on Western Australian Snakes
 Graham's VK6RO web site with 6M DX sound files
 Information of Perth and Fremantle
 6PR Perth's AM talk back radio station
 Altronics Electronics Wholesalers
 Western Australia Department of Conservation and Land Management
 Tower Communications Amateur Radio outlet in Perth
 Park Homes sales in Perth and surroundings
 Shire of Dundas WebSite
 Western Australia Repeater Group
 Principality of Hutt River Province Website

More to follow

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73 Lionel VK6DC

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