ARRL Sweepstakes Contest game (simulation)

Welcome to the ARRL November Sweepstakes contest. Take a journey in space and time. In space, journey to Silver Spring, Maryland, to a QTH 10 miles north of the White House in Washington DC. In time, journey back to November 1997, a time when there were 75 sections in Canada the USA including the Panama Canal Zone (KZ5). You can operate the station on 10-80 Meters at either a low power of 100 Watts, or blast away at 1000 Watts. Details of the internal workings of the game were contained in Software for Amateur Radio, authored by Joseph Kasser, G3ZCZ, and published by Tab Books in 1984. The program is available in three versions, Lite, Shareware and Pro.

  • Lite is free for use.
  • Shareware shows the features (disabled) in the Pro Version.
  • Pro is the full version with all features enabled.
Download Self installing version of CQ-SS here (6 MB).
A typical (annotated) main screen display from the game is shown below. Main screen display

To upgrade to the Pro version, register your copy of CQSS (US$ 18) at

Copyright Joseph Kasser 2005-2006