VK4WIL - Lockyer Valley Radio Club 

LVARC - Lockyer Valley Amateur Radio Club

The LVARC is a non for profit club for Amateur Radio enthusiasts. Our members pride themselves on their skills of electronics and radio operations, often competitively vying for places in national and international contests. The LVARC welcomes all persons of all skill sets with an intrest in radio and electronics to join us in a fun, social and educational environment.


Please  contact us  if you are interested in joining or would like to know more!

LATEST NEWS TOPICS.. updated 10/8/14
1. AGM was held on the 9th August 2014 at 2pm Laidley Youth Center.  The old committee was re-elected back in and the Members list page has all the relevant details.

2.  VK4FRRW, VK4FAKE, and VK4FJFM will be upgrading soon.  After the AGM VK4FJFM presented members with  information to start the F call upgrades.  Thanks John.

3.  Next meeting will be held on the 11th October 2014, at 2pm Laidley Youth Center.

Contests coming to a shack near you
August 30 & 31      ALARA Contest (10 hours each day)Rules
October 4 & 5      OCEANIA DX SSB
October 11 & 12      OCEANIA DX CW
OCTOBER 25 & 26      CQWW SSB
November 8 & 9      JIDX SSBRules
November 29 & 30      CQWW CW
December 13 & 14      ARRL 10 Meter  SSB & CWRules

Membership Fee's:

Membership is $35 for all class of licences.

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Contact us:

Vice President - VK4FAKE - Mike Wethereld


Secretary - VK4MN - Peter Nilon

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