About Us

The Brisbane Amateur Radio Club was formed to promote the hobby of Amateur Radio and Electronics. Our members come from all walks of life but share a common interest.

The Club's official Amateur Station callsign is VK4BA

A proud member of the Wireless Institute of Australia, BARC was formed in August 1977 and has a rich history of achievment, including the very successful BARCfest which is held in May each year. With displays of vintage, QRP, military and other transmitting equipment, BARCfest is the place to buy and sell radio and electronics equipment, and what better place to meet old friends than the famous Cafe de BARC.

Currently BARC is enjoying a strong and growing membership, including Amateurs, Short Wave Listeners and CBers alike. Subscriptions for membership fall due on the last day of August. Current standard membership fee is $20.00. Our application form is available here.

Where do we meet?

The club meets twice per month, on the 2nd Friday of the month and the 4th Friday of the month at the Rochedale Scouts Den, located at 21 Rochedale Road Rochdale

The entrance is at the Nothern end of Rochedale road.

Coming from Mt Gravatt Capabala Road Turn right into Grieve Road You will notice that the road splits into two The Right hand road becomes Rochedale Road

Map of Rochedale Road, showing entrance

Map of BARC Club rooms

The first meeting for the month is a social meeting starting around 7.30pm. The second meeting is the business meeting startting at 7.30pm, the business usually takes no more than 30 minutes. At either meeting we try to have a talk by a club member or invited guest.

See the meeting dates page for all upcoming meeting dates.

What do we offer?

The club has a technical library and also subscribes to several radio magazines which are available on loan to members. We also have test equipment which is able to be borrowed by members for a short period.

The club also owns its own radio tranceiver etc.

We are willing to help anyone who wishes to become an Amateur. We can provide technical assistance to help obtaining the necessary licence. The club now has two assessors who are able to arrange exams for those wishing to obtain their licence.


The objects for which BARC has been established are generally to promote interest and fraternal goodwill among those interested in the science of electronics and amateur radio, but more particularly: -


There are two nets each week. See Our Nets. You may also want to check out our repeater.


Current fees are $20.00 per year due by business meeting in August. Membership renewals after this date incurs a $5.00 charge making fee $25.00

How to contact us

See Contacting Us.