President's Report

Reported 7 July 2012 by Kevin Dibble VK4ZR
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President's Report

Firstly I would like to thank all who have help with the club's move to these new premises. Especially Bill VK4TWS who is coordinating the installation of the triangular mast that has been donated by frank VK4KFB.

Last Tuesday Dave VK4KDP and Bill went to Frank's QTH and lowered down the mast and transported it to here. It now requires some work on reconditioning it before it can be installed ready for use. .

Bill has also been busy making a bracket for the Club's 70 cm repeater. He has also built a partition in a room to be used for secure storage of the Club's equipment that was at the Maritime Museum. .

The Club now has a written agreement form the Scouts on the hire of these premises. .

It is a welcome move for the club to finally have a location that can be called the official club Rooms for the Club. It is realized that this location is not the ideal as it tends to favour the south side of Brisbane. Hopefully members will start to appreciate the advantages gained by this move as the facilities are put into good use. .

The Maritime Museum was conveniently located at a central position for club Members regardless of their QTH, but there were a number of disadvantages as Club members have found out over the last few years. .

We now have a location that can be used for Evening Meetings as well as Saturday afternoon activities. A fully operational Club Station can be set up functioning on most Ham Bands. .

The Club's 70 cm repeater can be installed at this location which should result in a better coverage for users in the Brisbane area. .

The Club now has a site that can be used to conduct classes for interested people who wish to become Amateur Radio Operators. As well as a more presentable hall for use by guest lecturers rather than trying to use the shared lunch room at the Maritime Museum. .

We also know that the hall is available for use for our meetings rather than arriving and finding the facilities at the Maritime Museum in use by other groups who have booked the venue. .

The Club Library can now be easily accessed by members wishing to make use of the lending option. .

Access to the new club rooms by persons using public transport needs to be addressed. Council busses can be used to arrive at the bus depot at Eight Mile Plains which has park and ride facilities. A contact phone number is required so that anyone who wishes to be picked up from the depot can arrange suitable transport to the Roche dale Scout Group. .

Plans for the coming year are the following. .

Check on the Club's Mission Statement. .

Update of the Club official website with current information.

Provide a Newsletter either monthly or bimonthly similar to the QSP format which has been in existence up to 2010. .

Up grade the vk4ba yahoo closed user group so that members can get the latest QSP from the closed user Group. .

Provide projects or other activities on Saturday afternoons to be nominated. .

Involve the Scouts in some Amateur Radio activities.

Provide an Amateur Radio Station for JOTA for the Rochedale Scout Group to participate.

Consider having a Mini BARCFEST to celebrate the opening of the Club's new rooms with The Scout Group providing refreshments. .

Considering building antennas and checking receivers that can be used for Fox Hunts. .

Increase social outings. .

Field Days.

Participation in contests. .

Improving communication with other Radio Clubs as well as the WIA.

Increasing Club Membership. .

Run Classes for future Amateurs. .

Invite more Guest Lecturers. .

Get more help from Club Members. .


K. Dibble (President) .

— Kevin Dibble VK4ZR
7 July 2012