July News Sheet

Reported 3 July 2012 by Les Parker VK4SO
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Welcome to the BARC News sheet for July 2012

Brisbane Amateur Radio Club

News sheet for July 2012

Welcome to the BARC news sheet for July 2012


Meetings this month are 13th July Social meeting and 27th July Business meeting.

Both starting at 7.30pm at 21 Rochedale Road Rochedale.


I have just received advice that the license fees have risen again from $67.00 to $72.00 as of 1st July 2012.

Club happenings

We have completed the move from the Maritime museum to the Rochedale scout complex. The repeater has been installed and is working well. The repeater will work for you only if you have a proper antenna. It will not work well with an ad hoc antenna. Please don't blame the repeater for your inability to access it, check that your antenna system is working properly and that you are using low loss coax. As with all repeater systems there will always be dead spots and you won't always be able to receive at full scale. The important thing is that you are heard. Also when using repeaters please let the repeater reset before starting your transmission to avoid timing the repeater out.

The next stage will be the erection of the tower for a HF antenna. This will require a hole 1mx1mx1m to be dug for concreting in the base for the tower. We will need some volunteers for this task and also installing the mast.

We do need more volunteers to help establish our club so please don't leave it to the same 3 or 4 people as at present.

The weather is ideal at this time of year for carrying out these tasks and the more helpers we have the easier it is for all.

It is possible that we will have the lockable desk back in service to enable us to have a proper operating console with everything at hand.

Members happenings

Peter,VK4COZ has returned from his overseas trip and has shown some photos of his visit to Dayton radio show.

Frank,VK4XK has returned home after his stay in hospital and is back on the air once more.

Peter,VK4EB has found the cause of his 70cm antenna problem, they don't work well under water do they.

Don,VK4DS has solved the problem with hf on the Monday night nets and is now back to normal, being heard by all

That is all for this month and we hope to have a newsletter back in production shortly.


— Les Parker VK4SO
3 July 2012