AGM Minutes

Reported 8 June 2012 by Peter Holtham VK4COZ
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Welcome to the AGM Minutes of the Brisbane Amateur Radio Club 2012



The meeting was opened at 7.35 pm by the President, Kevin VK4WA. Ten members and one guest were in attendance, as listed in the attendance book.




The minutes of the previous meeting were read by the Secretary who moved they be accepted as a true record, second Kevin, VK4ZR, and approved. .

Business Arising

Col, VK4ACG reported that the VHF group have the loan of a repeater. .

Treasurers Report

The Treasurer, Les, VK4SO, presented his report for the financial year and moved that it report be accepted, seconded Kevin, VK4ZR, and approved. .

The President then declared all positions open and called for nominations, noting that he did not wish to serve as President for the coming year. The following were elected to serve until May 2013: .

President: Kevin, VK4ZR.

Vice-President: Kevin, VK4WA.

Secretary: Peter, VK4COZ.

Assistant Secretary: Keith, VK4XAK.

Treasurer: Les, VK4SO.

Librarian: Peter, VK4COZ.

BARCFest Organiser: by committee, membership to be constituted by the end of this year, to meet in January 2013 to start the organisational process. Les, VK4SO again noted he wanted a much reduced role in future. .

Newsletter: This was left open, Kevin VK4ZR noted that an older style newsletter perhaps bi-monthly is needed. .

Repeater Manager: to be decided. The repeater will be re-sited at the Rochedale meeting rooms. .

Net Controllers: 2m Les, VK4SO; 10m Bill, VK4TWS.

Providor: Jim, VK4HJK.

It was noted that Frank Barker's tower is still available for collection, and there are HF antennas elsewhere for collection. .

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 8.10 pm.


K. Dibble (President) .


P. Holtham (Hon Secretary) .


L. Parker (Hon Treasurer) .

— Peter Holtham VK4COZ
8 June 2012