June Minutes

Reported 22 June 2012 by Peter Holtham VK4COZ
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Welcome to the Minutes of the Business Meeting for June 2012

Brisbane Amateur Radio Club Business Meeting Minutes for June 2012



The meeting was opened at 7:30pm by the President VK4ZR. Nine members were present as per the attendance book.


Kevin, VK4WA; Frank, VK4XK.


The minutes of the previous meeting were read by the Secretary, who moved they be accepted as a true record, seconded Jim, VK4HJK, and approved. .

Business Arising

The agreement with the Scouts for the hire of the hall has now been received and the President read out the important details. .

Rent is $600 p.a through until the end of 2013, with the initial $300 for the remainder of 2012 due by August. Three months notice to quit to be given by either party.

We can use the rooms on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of each month from 1830 - 2300, and on Saturday afternoons by agreement. .

The Scouts will provide lockable facilities, however all of our gear is our responsibility. Two keys will be provided on a $20 deposit for each. .

The Scouts expect us to assist with relevant scouting activities such as JOTA and provide labour for working bees from time to time. .

The President proposed that the hire agreement be approved, seconded by Keith, VK4XAK, and approved unanimously. .

Financial Report

The Treasurer tabled his report. The opening balance at 1st June was $6511.84. Income was $2637.00. .

Expenses were $453.00 with an expected $250 refund from the Barcfest bond, the balance at the meeting date was $8945.84. .

The Treasurer moved that his report be accepted, seconded Jim, VK4HJK and approved. .

The Treasurer noted that the approximate annual running expenses of the club were $1500. Despite thenumber of Barcfest attendees being down, a profit of $2200 was made. .

The Treasurer noted that it would be more convenient to have the President as an additional signatoryto the club's bank account. .

The Secretary moved that the President VK4ZR be added to the list of signatories, seconded Jim, VK4HJK and approved unanimously. .


10m Net Bill, VK4TWS, reported the net is running well, although more check-ins would bebetter. .

2m Net Les, VK4SO, reported on lower check-in numbers recently on 2m or 70cm. Hopefully the 70cm repeater will be back on air very soon from the club rooms. .

General Business

The clubs PO Box will be moved from Annerley to Upper Mount Gravatt, making it more convenient to use. Mail will be redirected from the old box number. We will also have to change all usages of our old address on licences etc. We will delay submitting the annual report to the Office of Fair Trading until we have the new box number. .

The President gave a general report after his first two weeks in office. He thanked all who have helped with the move to the new location, especially Bill, VK4TWS, who has donated considerable time and materials to the moving effort. Bill has created an 8' by 8' lockable storage room downstairs in the.

Scout den and also fitted a mounting shelf for the club's 70cm repeater in the kitchen, for which the members showed their appreciation in the usual manner. .

The President thanked Frank, VK4KFB, for his donation of a two-section tower to the club. It has been moved to the clubrooms and will be erected as soon as possible. The club has provided Frank with a 70cm yagi in appreciation of his donation. .

The President reported that he had picked up the 70cm repeater antenna from VK4WA's QTH and it will be mounted at the Scout hut very soon. The bracket is in place on one of the roof trusses.


The President read out his list of proposals to develop the club, and will email/mail it to all members for their consideration and input. .

There being no further business, the meeting was closed at 8.25 pm. .


K. Dibble (President) .


P. Holtham (Hon Secretary) .


L. Parker (Hon Treasurer) .

— Peter Holtham VK4COZ
22 June 2012