April General Meeting Minutes

Reported 27 April 2012 by Peter Holtham VK4COZ
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The meeting was opened at 7:30pm by the President VK4WA. Ten members were present as per the attendance book. The President proposed that the Business Meting be abbreviated as he was unwell, and should just consider the pros and cons of moving the meeting rooms to Rochedale. He stated that the Rochedale Scout Den was available to the club for $600 p.a. This would include Friday evenings, and Saturday afternoons if required. There is space for HF and VHF antennas, and Frank Barker has offered the club his tower. There is also room to lock up the club's equipment securely. There was some discussion amongst the members present. The matter was then put to the vote, with 13 in favour and 4 against. These numbers include proxy votes received by email. It was therefore resolved the club move to the Rochedale location as soon as possible. The meeting closed at 8.05 pm.

Peter VK4COZ Secretary BARC

— Peter Holtham VK4COZ
27 April 2012