June News Sheet

Reported 11 June 2011 by Les Parker VK4SO
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Welcome to the BARC News sheet for June 2011


AGM News

The AGM has been held and we welcome two new committee members, Kevin VK4WA as President and Kevin VK4ZR as Vice President. All other positions are the same as last year.


Thanks to all of you who contributed to the success of BARCfest 2011 and we made a larger profit this year. A job well done.

News from DO1CO

I received an email from Christopher thanking us for the book and best wishes. At present he is in America for a short time.

WIA Grants Scheme

The committee welcomes proposals for the WIA grant scheme for 2011. Applications close on July 25th.


June 4th—5th IARU Region1 field day CW
June 11th Asia/Pacific Sprint SSB
June 18th—19th Winter VHF/UHF field day all modes
June 25th&emdash;26th Marconi Memorial Contest CW


The HF nets on Monday night have seen an increase in the number taking part. We are attempting to have all on the same polarity, which at this time seems to favour vertical polarisation. The 2 metre nets are continuing on the VHF group's repeater on 147.00MHz. The problems with this repeater may be fixed in the near future.

Members' events

Kel VK4AZ attended the WIA conference in Darwin last month and we look forward to his report on that Conference in the near future.

Peter VK4COZ has been making a vertically polarised 10M antenna and will bring it along to a future meeting.

Col VK4ACG has been unable to attend meetings due to his Wife's stay in hospital. Peg is now out of hospital and we all wish her a speedy recovery.

That's all I have this month. Until next month this is Les VK4SO.

— Les Parker VK4SO
11 June 2011