April News Sheet

Reported 04 April 2011 by Les Parker VK4SO
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Welcome to the BARC News sheet for April 2011


The next meeting will be Friday 4th April at the maritime museum. There will be a talk on switch mode power supplies by Derek Webb. The business meeting is scheduled for Friday 22nd GOOD FRIDAY. Do you want the meeting this night or defer to the 24th April. We will decide at next Friday's meeting.


Time is drawing near for BARCfest on 7th May so mark it so you don't forget. Unfortunately the ad for BARCfest did not appear in April AR but will be in May's issue.


April 9—10th Japan International dx contest cw
April14th WIA national field day ssb
April23rd Harry Angel Sprint cw/ssb


I came across an interesting tool bar that you can add to your browser. It is called Ham info bar. When downloaded it adds a tool bar at the top of your browser where you can access all sorts of items relating to ham radio and swling. The list is too long to add here so you will have to set it up as you like. It is good to have a lot of information at your fingertips. Give it a try and if you don't want it just delete.

Members' events

Stuart VK4MSL should have recovered from his contact with the ground whilst moving in a forward direction.

Frank VK4XK has a new vehicle and is working out where to drill the holes in the dashboard for his radio.

Kel VK4AZ is adjusting to his new lifestyle without a motor vehicle.

Don VK4DS is still working on his 70cm antenna and we look forward to hearing him on 70cm.

Bill VK4TWS had a visit from a couple of large dogs which were thought to be lions at a distance but were great danes. Could have been worse Bill they could have been rotarians.


The only birthday I know of this month is Gwen VK4CB. Happy birthday from us all.

That's your bloomin' lot for this month til next month.

— Les Parker VK4SO
04 April 2011