July News Sheet

Reported 30 June 2010 by Les Parker VK4SO
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My, how time flies the year is half over already. Welcome to the news sheet.

New Committee

The new committee for 2010-11 is

PresidentBruce Bell VK4TRS
SecretaryPeter Holtham VK4COZ
TreasurerLes Parker VK4SO
ProvidoreJim Kelly VK4HJK
AssessorLes Parker VK4SO

BARCFest Co-Ordinator

We have yet to fill the position of BARCFest Co-Ordinator. It would be a great shame if BARCFest did not occur due to lack of interest from members and the loss of our income for the year would curtail most of our activities.

Next Meeting

The next meeting on Friday 9th July will be a barbeque.

Club Fees

Club fees will be due soon still $20.00 however a motion was passed at the June business meeting that the $20.00 will apply until the business meeting in September. After that the fee (for renewall only) will be $25.00.

Members' News

We welcome back Peter VK4COZ from his holidays.

Kevin VK4ZR and Frank VK4XK have been on the HF nets lately and Kevin seems to have fixed his TVI problem thanks to a low pass filter.

Bruce VK4TRS is still looking for a suitable and affordable location for the repeater so if you know of a place let Bruce know.

Bill VK4TWS recently celebrated another birthday. Happy birthday Bill and many more of them.

Final words

If you have anything for the news sheet please forward it to me and I will add it. Interesting web sites are also welcome. That's all for this month.

73's Les VK4SO.

— Les Parker VK4SO
30 June 2010