May News Sheet

Reported 7 May 2010 by Les Parker VK4SO
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Welcome to this month's news sheet


Well BARCFest is almost upon us once more and it is shaping up to be a very good day. Although Jaycar will not be there this year there is a good lineup of sellers. The more people that turn up the easiest it will be for all of us.

Remember this event is our sole source of income to run our club and needs input from those who can attend.

Upcoming Meetings

Our social meeting will be on Friday 14th May at the maritime museum.

Our next meeting on 28th May will be the monthly meeting and AGM

Please give some thought as to how you can contribute to the running of our club.


Members' News

Frank VK4XK, had a short stay in hospital last week but is now home and working in his shack making a transmitter valve emission tester

Bruce VK4TRS has the repeater back at his QTH and it is working well.

Les VK4SO, has completed a 5/8th 10m antenna attached to a squid pole and is working well. He also seems to have solved the problem with the tri band beam. Also an 80m inverted will be installed after BARCFest.

Don VK4DS has been doing some shortwave and broadcast band listening and has logged a lot of stations heard.

Final words

If you have something you wish to be included in the news sheet send me an email and I will include it in the next available issue.

A reminder that the club will have a table at BARCFest so if you have something to sell you are welcome to use it (Don't bring a trailer load and expect to put it on the table). Someone will be rostered to man the table so please puit your name and price etc on the item and if your price is firm or negotiable.

That's about it for this month

— Les Parker VK4SO
7 May 2010