Meeting Dates and site updates

Reported 7 February 2010 by Stuart Longland VK4MSL
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I have been rather busy of late, and thus the updates to this website have been well behind in where they ought to be. But not to worry... we'll soon be on top of it again.

For the reference of all current and future members, I have published the meeting dates listing that Les compiled earlier this year. I intend to keep an online copy at the URL:

You may want to go there and bookmark it and/or print out a copy for future reference. Among the key changes has been the shift from Saturday afternoon socials, to Friday evening socials. There'll probably be talks arranged to make the night more interesting for those who come along, and other outings may be organised as well. I'll try to keep this calendar up-to-date here.

Also freshly uploaded, is Les' News Sheet for January 2010. Hopefully I won't be as slow when the February one turns up. That may be found here.

There are some broken links that have been reported. A lot were on the Geocities site; “The Loaded Dog” which got wiped into oblivion along with thousands of other such websites. I'm unaware of any surviving mirror of such sites other than what The Wayback Machine has archived. I dare say there are some other links to software people may find useful — shoot them my way and I'll try to ensure these get published.

Here's hoping the updates won't be so sparse in the coming months.

— Stuart Longland VK4MSL
7 February 2010