January News Sheet

Reported 4 January 2010 by Les Parker VK4SO
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Welcome to 2010 and I hope you all had a good Christmas and new year holiday.

January Meeting and recommencement of nets

The business meeting this month will be Friday 22nd January and nets will commence Monday 18th and Wednesday 20th January.

Member news

This month will be good for catching up on some unfinished projects and starting some new ones. Bryan VK4KWB has been busy repairing equipment damaged by a nearby lightening strike causing voltage to be sent up the earth lead to the gear. Frank, VK4XK was sending smoke signals from his TS 820 transmitter caused by some uninvited guests taking up residence in his rig.

Repeater and band conditions

The repeater is still working well being run on battery charged from the solar cell despite the cloudy conditions.The hf bands have been quite active for the last few weeks with good signals from South Africa and U.S.A and I believe 6 metres has had some good openings also.

Squid Poles and Callbooks

If anyone needs squid poles I have several in stock for $35.00 each.I also have a couple of spare callbooks for $25.00 each.

That is all the news I have for this month but next month will probably be busy due to start of barcfest preperations and resumption of finding a new meeting place.

— Les Parker VK4SO
4 January 2010