November News Sheet

Reported 30 October 2009 by Les Parker VK4SO
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Welcome to the November issue of the news sheet

Meetings this month will be Saturday 14th November at 2pm and Friday 27th November.

The business meeting will be the last for the year.
The gold coast hamfest will be held on Saturday 14th. Remember it starts at 8:30am so you can attend the hamfest and also come to the meeting in the afternoon.


The repeater is undergoing testing on the new frequency, 439.950/434.950 123Hz offset. It is not on all the time so if you don't hear the ident. after listening for more than 10 minutes then the repeater will most likely be turned off. Components are being gathered to operate the repeater by battery ,the battery being charged via a solar cell.

Club meetings

Negotiations are ongoing for the possible relocating of our club to the Robertson Scout building. If it succeeds we will have our own place where can house our radios and have a workbench and permanently erected antennas. I will keep you posted on this issue.


Squid Poles

The squid poles have been ordered and should arrive in a couple of weeks. Cost is $35.00 Several people have placed an order for one or two. There will be 6 left after the pre orders have been filled.


The club nets will be having a break over the Christmas & New year holidays.

The last hf net will be Monday 7th December 2009 and the first hf net for 2010 will be Monday 18th January 2010.

The last 2 metre net will be Wednesday 9th Decembe r2009 and the first for 2010 will be Wednesday 20th January 2010.

The first meeting for 2010 will be Friday 22nd January 2010

The Christmas break-up will be Saturday 12th December 2009 and at this stage the location and format will be as in the past. If someone has an alternative location in mind please let a committee member know about it.

That's all for this month

— Les Parker VK4SO
30 October 2009