Website Revamped

Reported 25 October 2009 by Stuart Longland VK4MSL
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The new BARC website is here. All of the old content that existed on the original site has been moved across, cleaned up, and given a polish.

The old site, based on tried and tested static HTML, served its purpose well, however, the task of updating it was a mammoth one due to the shear number of pages that must be edited. The new site relies on slightly newer technology, Server Side Includes, forming a crude form of Content Management System.

The one disadvantage, is that in changing the site over in this manner, we will have regrettably broken a number of hyperlinks elsewhere on the internet. If you have an old link that no longer works, in many cases, all that has changed is the extension has changed from .html to .shtml (Server-parsed Hyper-Text Markup Language). The Constitution is now delivered as one document, and some unused/empty pages have been done away with. Apart from these, little has changed, address wise.

It is hoped that the newer look site will be easier for people to navigate and maintain into the future. All suggestions and comments should be directed to myself.

— Stuart Longland VK4MSL
25 October 2009