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The Brisbane Amateur Radio Club Inc, formed in 1977, is an active Amateur Radio group for those who have an interest in radiocommunications and electronics in all its various forms.

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The Brisbane Amateur Radio Club will have it's next meeting on Saturday Afternoon 23rd May 2015 at Rochedale starting at 2 pm.
This is the Annual General Meeting.

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Reported 02 February 2015 by Les Neilson VK4FAEB

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Barcfest 2015

This years Barcfest was held on Saturday, 9th May. Thanks to all those who attended and in particular to the exhibitors for making the day successful.
The "Barcfest" page will be updated shortly with details and photographs.

Wednesday Net

The Wednesday night Net (at 8:00 pm.) has historically used the 70 cm band. For some time, this net has been moved to the two metre band while problems with the repeater rig and antenna were addressed. The frequency used is 146.55 MHz simplex.

We ask that members test the repeater and provide feedback as to whether the Net should revert to the repeater.

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