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Dated 3 Octber, 2015

About BARC

The Brisbane Amateur Radio Club Inc, formed in 1977, is an active Amateur Radio group for those who have an interest in radio communications and electronics in all its various forms.


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Current News

The next Brisbane Amateur Radio Club meeting will be a social meeting on Friday night 9th October at the Rochedale premises.

We will be discussing plans for the JOTA event on the afternoon of Saturday 17th October.

We intend to put up some ropes over some trees on Saturday 10th October in preparation for setting up a number of stations for JOTA.  Possiblly three wire antennas strung between the trees will be required plus some HF Transceivers so that three bands can be used.

First issued 3 October, 2015

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Propagation Help

At the recent General Meeting, a member sought assistance in the method of determining HF propagation conditions on particular paths.

This is a complex subject, but a simple method is to to be found on this site.

This is a web based version of the VOACAP program originally devised by the international broadcaster Voice of America.

Full instructions for use may be found here but, for normal use, it is only necessary to "drag and drop" the red symbol on the map (the transmitter QTH) and the blue symbol (the receiver location). Set the transmitter power and select antennas from the lists. Select the modulation type.

Current sun spot number is updated automatically in that program but for completeness it, and various other indices are tabulated below.

Barcfest 2015

This years Barcfest was held on Saturday, 9th May. Thanks to all those who attended and in particular to the exhibitors for making the day successful. The Barcfest page has been updated with details and photographs.

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