I have only been playing around with Satellite televsion for about 7 years now and i have found it to be a very interesting hobby as there are many different things and you can watch from many different places
At the moment i have 3 dishes up and running there are a 1.2,1.6 and 2.5 metres

The 3 dishes i have up are all just pointing a one satellite each as seeing that none of them have the capability of being motorised.But i have a 3 metre i'm in the process of getting up that will be able to follow the Clark orbit (i think that what its called!!!!!)

The little 1.2 metre is used for getting different feeds and other programs on KU Band
The 2.5 metre is used for watching program on many different satellite like Aisasat2, Asiasat 3, Palapa and a few others on C Band

The 1.6 metre dish its setup for using either C,KU Band as i have made the arms for the 2 different lnb's interchangable so i use it on Pas8 and Pas2 (C Band) and Optus b1 (kuband)

Other places to look for info on satellite tv