IC-R2 Computer Programming

PC <--> Icom R2 communication interfaces...

What you need for R2 Cloning:

1. CS-R2 cloning Software -or- freeware software ICR2 v1.01 by Goran Vlaski.

2. OPC-478 cloning cable -or- make your own cable using the information below.

Here is one version of the OPC-478


The schematic was found on a DL Amateur web site, the text was in German
and I couldn't find the authors name. However the schematic appears to be
a replica of the original Icom unit and it seems to work fine.

NOTE: Some PC serial ports have been reported to give problems with these
             "port powered circuits". You may have to use another machine if problems
             persist after trying the various software versions. This is the same problem
             that was found with the self powered BayCom Packet modems of the 90's.
             This circuits are Web sourced and not that of the author.

Regards Chris VK3CAE (Ex VK3JEG)


E-mail: cja@rmit.edu.au