Plessey C-42 36-60 MHz FM transceiver

Created 8th November 2010

The Plessey C-42 is a military transceiver used by Australian Army during the Vietnam War
it could operate FM from 36-60 MHz with about 10watts output.
The radio was fitted in Centurion tanks with remote harnesses and control units.
The C-42 was similiar unit to the Plessey C-45 which was the HF equivalent.
It operated from a 24v DC supply.
I used the C-42 for 6 metre activity between 52-54 MHz. It was also good for looking for analogue TV dx indicators
as it was rather wideband, you easily listen for video and sound carriers from analogue TV ch.0 and ch.1 transmitters,
including NZ analogue TV ch.1.
As these were valve based, the trick to making the receiver more sensitive, was replace the front-end
valves with a MOSFET front-end.

Photos of my C-42, which was manufactured in 1959, now resides at the Military Radio Museum at Kurrajong NSW.

open view of the C42 internals, lower view

open view of the C42 internals, top view

C42 transceiver with hand microphone

C42, with vibratory supply on left, Antenna Tuner Unit above and accessories control box on top right

NOTE: only licensed Amateur Radio operators can operate this modified equipment on assigned Amateur frequencies/bands.

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