It was on this expedition to “Point Plomer” north of  “Port Macquarie” by VK2ASF, VK2SH  and  VK2PA  for the “National Field Day” contest 1949 that a suggestion was made by “Crieff Retallick” VK2XO  we have a “DOO” at “Urunga”, Easter 1949. This was held at “DO  MEE” (boat shed there were two) on the banks of the river near the railway and road bridges during “Easter” of that year. It was from this meeting that the “URUNGA  CONVENTION” developed into the longest running Amateur Convention Field day in “Australia” today.  1985.     Pete Alexander  ”VK2PA (Peter is now silent Key) 

After “Crieff Retallick” VK2XO  passed away, It was continued on by “Brian Slarke” VK2ZCQ, for many years by himself  until a few others amateurs joined him to help keep it going, they have tirelessly  built it up to what it is today,  the home of “Foxhunting”. The old perpetual trophies are still displayed each year. A very friendly gathering of amateurs keep returning to “Urunga” each year, they are all one big happy family "Urunga is a beautiful sea side village where the quite streets and by roads lends itself to pedestrian and mobile foxhunts. (hidden  radio transmitters)

The fishing, swimming, golf and bowls are popular with the tourist or if you travel up to Dorrigo via the Waterfall Way, you can view the beautiful national parks and the spectacular views from the lookouts.

 The convention was a big love of Brian’s , if you wanted something done give it to a busy man , that was Brian  he would get it done but had no time for pleasure himself , as he often remarked  haven’t got time to scratch myself. (“Brian Slarke” VK2ZCQ  The “FOX” passed away recently on 26 th November 2002).

The 2003 Convention was dedicated to Brian's memory.            Ken Golden VK2DGT 2003

                                                            “Brian Slarke”.   


                       Brian Slarke VK2ZCQ  kept convention going for many years               


  List of Amateurs who attended the Urunga Convention 1951

There is no doubt that Urunga and the Bellinger are honored on being the selected site for these conventions. It is good publicity for the district . The “Hams” thank all those people who assisted and hope that next year they will have the same glad cooperation.


                                                      THOSE WHO ATTENDED

                              Following is a list of personnel attending the convention._ 

Syd. and Mrs. Smith (VK2APS), Barry White (VK2AAB),  Ken Kimberley  (VK2AXZ), Mick. Stuckey (VK2ARF), Leith. Martin (VK2EA), Perc.  Sara, Rod. Pike (VK2ACU), Chick. McCartney (VK2DK), Bernard Shaw (VK2ZM), John Adkina, Ted Gabriel. (VK2AVG), John and Mrs. Meagher (VK2AMV), Harold White? (VK2AHA), John Paterson, Crieff and Mrs. Retalick (VK2XO), Bob Bensley (VK2XP), Russ Schneider (VK2AOS), Norm Moody, Jack Hill (VK2ADT), Geoff Partridge (VK2VU), Bob Wilkins (VK2WQ), Snow McAuley, Cec Hardman (VK2KR), John Walker (VK2GA), Peter and Mrs. Alexander (VK2PA), Keith and Mrs. Alcock (VK2AOA), Mr. and Mrs. Honey, Hart and Mrs. Wall (VK2JC), Colin Wall, Geo. Heilbronn (VK4GG), Col Fletcher (VK2ASF), Bert Watts (VK2CN), Shorty Cameron (VK2NX), Stan Burke (VK2UV), Bill Eagling (VK2AEY), Dave Eagling, Jim Deller, Russ and Mrs. Watt (VK2WT), Neil  Hansen (VK2XY), Ivan Shearman (VK2IS), Ron Stuart (VK2ASJ), Bill Cross, Jim Corbin (VK2YC), Frank O’Dwyer (VK3OF), Alex and Mrs. Dann (VK2ABU), Bob Beveridge (VK2IT), Ray Hancock (VK2YM), Alan Simpson (VK2ASO), Vaughan Webb, Frank Nolan (VK4JU), Alf Webb (VK2UC), Mrs. McCartney, Jack Gerard (VK2ADN), Gordon Gibson , Jim and Mrs. Cowan (VK2ZC), Ern and Mrs. Baker (VK2FP), Hugo Stitt (VK2WH), Bill Grant (VK2AWG), Don Dawson (VK2YU), Jim Robinson (VK2AKJ), BILL and Mrs. Gibings (VK2XN), Dave Evans (VK2AVE), Bert Glasscock, Ken Pulling (VK2AJT), Mrs.Dawson, Jack Vardy (VK2JK), and Ernie Crouch.

          Mr.Roy Brisdon  (District Radio Inspector)  Represented the P.M.G…  

 Thanks to Bellinger Valley Historical Society,  Bellingen Courier Sun

                                             and Norman Braithwaite

  40 th "Urunga Convention" 1988 Easter

                   Group of hunters, Brian Slarke VK2ZCQ in front.


VK2WP Mike Glenman,VK2EVB Peter McAdam, VK2FGS Frank Stoddart, L20492 Cheryl Stoddart, VK2KZV Graham O’Brien, XYL Judy O’Brien, VK2LQ Kevin Meredith, VK2AWA Bob Colsel, VK2CBK Allan Rutledge, VK2XU Ian Dalrymple, VK2XDW Dennis Williams, VK2ERM Don Murphy, VK2MGO Mark O’Niell, VK2SL Keith Nelson, VK2BYY Geoff Pages, VK2AMV John Meagher, XYL Mary Meagher, VK2ZGU Allan Beard, VK2DGT Ken Golden, XYL Robyn Golden, VK2ADA Arnold Austin, XYL June Austin, VK2UC Alf Webb, XYL Meg Webb, VK2NL Howard Freeman, VK2DLM Brian Lackie, VK2TUT Paul Mainey, VK2PA Peter Alexander, XYL Ina Alexander, VK2DMS Merv Savins, XYL Gloria Savins, VK2EFM Allan Savins, Harmonics Philipa Savins , Kerrie Savins, VK2ZCQ Brian Slarke,


VK2YGO Tom Burkart, VK2MPK Peter Kucera, Vk2ZCV Bill Sinclair, VK2KDL Keith Lutton, XYL Gwen Lutton, VK2FLZ Arthur Clampitt, VK2NSE Bruce Emerson, VK2DLW Fred Reid, VK2NEH EMIL Hengartner, VK2CRP Rowley Prince.

                              50 th  URUNGA  CONVENTION  1998

                                           Urunga Committee 1998

                                               Celebrations 1998


VK2URK Rodney Sommerville, XYL Karen Sommerville, VK2JRC John Cannon, SWL Graham Bradfield, VK2XVJ Frank Webber, VK2EM Bruce Ekert, VK2YRG Bob Green, VK2DGT Ken Golden, XYL Robyn Golden, VK2PU Jim Jennison, VK2FA Graham O’Brien, XYL Judy, Harmonics Karen, Kelly, VK4FH Ray Thorn, XYL Sandra Sanderson, VK2BAM Tony Mullen, XYL Marcia, VK2BRG Ray Golden, VK2ADA Arnold Austin, XYL June Austin, VK2BQY Stephen Mills, VK2ZC Jim Cowan, VK2JB John Baylis, VK2KDL Keith Lutton, XYL Gwen Lutton, VK2UC Alf Webb, XYL Meg Webb, VK2DLM Brian Lackie, VK2GJ Graham Virtue, XYL Joyce Virtue, VK2XKT John Toland, XYL Betty Toland, XYL, VK2EA Leith Martin, XYL Shirley Martin, VK2ZES  Horrie Stephens,  XYL Jean Stephens, VK2KDI Bill Parker, VK2ZTM Tim Mills, VK2YAP Mathew Magee, VK2KHB John Bailey, XYL Florance, VK2YMW Chris Williams, XYL Helen, Harmonics, Caitlin, Cameron, VK1ZT Neil Sandford, VK2CH Robert Hancock, VK2XU Ian Dalrymple, VK2DV Snow Hodder, VK2BI Brian Linsley, XYL Pam, Harmonics, Rebecca, Annette, VK2ZW Kim Piper, VK2NZW Roma Piper, Harmonics Sarah,VK2HJJ Jonathan Piper, VK2JC Col Wall, VK2WO Rob Freedman, XYL Glenda, XXYL Jean, VK2ZCQ Brian Slarke, XYL Marie Warwick, VK2EVB Peter McAdam, Harmonic Joshua McAdam, SWL Domenic Dahl, VK2BYY Geoff Pages, VK2CAT Greg Ryan, VK2KKP Andrew Cook, VK2TMT Michael Testa, VK2DAL Dave Smith, SWL Kyle Smith, VK2THU Darryl Barwise, VK2AEC Arthur Clampitt, VK2BBI Ray Hogan, XYL Lorna Hogan, VK2KCG Kit Terry, VK2EIS Stuart Hughes, SWL Howard Bruce, VK2ZHE  Henry Lundell, VK2TDT  David Taylor,  VK2HEX Corry Taylor, SWL Pat Hull, VK2XFK Mark Brenton, VK2UAI Andrew Irvine,


VK2QE Allen Gilson, VK2EBR Roy Brewer, VK4WPK Paul Kay, VK4BGN Phillis Kay, VK2ZCV Bill Sinclair, XYL Ruth, VK2CRD Ron Clark, VK2BUI John Williams, XYL Marilyn Williams, VK2DMS Merv Savins.

                                                         Brian Slarke 1998  


Brian Slarke  VK2ZCQ  1998






                                    60th Urunga Radio Convention  2008 

VK2BRG Ray Golden,VK2DGT Ken Golden, XYL. Robyn Golden, Catherine Golden,HARM. Micaela Winkler,
VK2EM, Bruce Ekert, VK2…,Neal Sanford, VK2GJ, Graeme Virtue, VK2URK, Rodney Sommerville,
VK2MTW, Terry Wood, VK2BI, Brian Linsley,XYL. Pam Linsley, VK2BYY Geoff Pages,
VK2…,Kevin Dawson, VK2ADA,Arnold Austin XYL, June Austin, VK2JRC, John Cannon,
VK2KHB, John Bailey,VK2TEE, Mark Huntley, VK2ZCV, Bill Sinclaire, Coralie…,
VK2YDD, Domenic Dahl, VK2EVB, Peter McAdam, VK2YMW, Chris Williams, XYL,HelenWilliams,HARM. Cattlin Williams, Cameron Williams, VK2ZCM, Craig Martin,XYL, Jenny Martin, Marie Warwick,
VK2SJJ, Steven Johnston, VK2FA, Graeme O’Brien XYL.,VK2HZV,  Judy O’Brien,HARM. Kelly O’Brien,Karen O’Brien, Riely O’Brien, VK2FHRK, Leonie McLvinets, VK2ZW, Kim Piper,XYL.
VK2NZW, Roma Piper HARM. VK2FOXX, Sara Piper, Marcus Engel, VK4ASB, Dave Ralph, Col Power,
VK2BLZ, Len Christensen,XYL. Inge Christensen, Rhonda Christensen, VK2BVZ, Max Magill,
VK3YNG, Bryan Ackerly, VK3YDF, Adam Scammel, VK2BPH, Pat Halpin,
VK2AEC, Arthur Clampitt, VK2FSAD, James Doyle, VK2DMS, Merv Savins, XYL.Gloria Savins,  VK2KCG, Kit Terry, VK2FM, Fred McSkimmings, VK2YCJ, Jamie Campbell, VK2AFX,Phil Beard,
VK2MAX Grant Snowden Vk2CH, Robert Hancock, VK2CPC, Les Sidebottom, VK2ZTM, Tim Mills,
VK2ZHE, Henry Lundell, VK2FSMT, Steve Tisler, VK2WBK, Brian Kelly,
 VK2WPC, Paul Christakos., exhibitors. VK2ZKT, Gary Ryan, VK2FCSR, Caroyln Ryan, VK2CJC,  Jack Cook


                           Arnold Austin VK2ADA, and Inge Christensen 60th 2008     


                                Ray Golden VK2BRG sailing a kayak in front of Anchors wharf restaurant, site of old DO MEE where the Urunga Radio Convention started.                    


                                                Anchors Wharf Restaurant DOO MEE SITE

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