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Suggested Reading List for ARES & Related Studies


Practical Wire Antennas, Effective HF Designs for the Radio Amateur

Author: John D Heys G3BDQ, ISBN#0 9000612 87 8

Publisher: Radio Society of Great Britian

A great introduction on making HF wire antennas.

Living on 12 Volts (With Ample Power)

Authors: David Smead and Ruth Ishihara

Publisher: RIDES, Seattle, WA. LCCN: 87-92194

Good information on Solar Panels, Batteries, Battery Chargers, DC Alternators.

Direct Current Fundamentals

Authors: Orla E. Loper and Edgar Tedsen

Publisher: Delmar Publishers, Inc. ISBN: 0-8273-4146-6 (Text book)

The "Bible" for understanding Direct Current (DC)

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