This weather data is collected at VE6WZ from a weather station mounted on the roof.  It is helpful to know the wind speed so that if necessary I can lower the crank-up tower. This data is up-dated every 10 min.   return to VE6WZ homepage
 Status Sun Jul 27 08:57:22 2008
Wind   (graph/graph)
 Current: 0.0  mph   n/a (000°) 
 Gust: 2.3  mph    
 Todays high: 7.0  mph   at 04:00 S (180°) 
  Temperatures   (graph)CurrentHighLowMore
  Outside19.8°C 19.8°C 12.6°C (°F)
  Inside (radio room)20.6°C 20.6°C 20.4°C (°F)
  1000000014DDE42621.8°C 22.1°C 21.6°C (°F)
  5000000014CD3F2622.0°C 22.2°C 21.8°C (°F)
  Dewpoint  (graph)7.5°C
  Relative Humidity  (graph)CurrentHighLowMore
  Inside (living room)44% 44% 44% (%)
  Humidor (cigar box)76% 79% 76% (%)
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